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transform.engine Support

Welcome to the transform.engine support site. Here you can find the manual for the transform.engine.


All of the commonly asked questions regarding the transform.engine can be found here:

Transform FAQs

Getting Started

For help getting started with your transform.engine, check out our handy getting started guide, complete with fun videos:

Getting Started Guide


We've set up a discourse forum where you can share thoughts, ask questions, and discuss feature requests. Intended as a relaxed place for our team and our community to converse on an open platform, we'll be on hand to chat and help answer any non-urgent questions.

It's also the best place to post any (naturally, incredibly rare...) bug reports you may have; we truly value hearing how we can make our products work for you.

Feel free to check it out:

Need Help?

For all support queries, please reach out to your local distributor or send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

e-mail: support @

Key Support Info

If you're able to include the following information, it will help our support team enormously!

  • Issue: What the problem is: what you're seeing, vs. what you're expecting to happen.
  • Steps to reproduce: Specific steps we can take to recreate your issue!
  • Log Files: Downloadable from the bottom of the [System](manual/transform.client/system/ tab, it will be in a zip file format and appreciate if you could attach to your email.
  • transform.engine version: Located in the 'Software' page in the System tab.
  • transform.client version: Located in the 'Software' page in the System tab.
  • Reproducible? Always/ almost always/ intermittent/ seen once.
  • Screenshots/photos: Always helpful to show us what you're seeing that's incorrect.

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